NDEH NTUMAZAH, alias One Kamerun, alias MBARACK Ben Ibrahim, dies at the age of 83

NDEH NTUMAZAH, alias One Kamerun, alias MBARACK Ben Ibrahim, dies at the age of 83

A UPC revolutionary and frontline fighter who spent the better part of his life suffering and sacrificing for the independence and reunification of Cameroon.

With the banning of Upc activities in French Cameroon, some of  its members escaped to British Cameroon. They settled in places like Tiko, Likomba, Misselele, Victoria, Tombel and Kumba, where they continued to carry out their political activities without any problems.


Inspired by the Upc ideology and fired by strong anti-colonial feeling, Ndeh Ntumazah decided to join the Upc party and to devote himself to this great task, and whatever contributions he could to it. He was schooled in the upc doctrine, a formative discipline that had a deep influence on his outlook on life and the world. Upc advocated immediate independence, immediate reunification and non-interference by foreign countries in the affairs of an independent and reunited Cameroon.


In 1957 Dr. Felix Moumie and other upc comrades were expelled from Southern Cameroons for having written a petition criticizing and threatening court action against the Endeley government for having rigged elections. The authorities were afraid that the upc, in its usual manner might resort to violence.

Sympathetic to their cause, Ndeh Ntumazah a high ranking member of the upc singled-out himself, supported the ‘ revolution’ and took up the challenge and founded the One Kamerun party. They went underground operating strictly as a revolutionary opposition group fighting sporadic guerilla wars against the constitutional government of Endeley.


Following the unification of the republic of  Cameroon and Southern Cameroons on October 1961, Ndeh Ntumazah decided to go on exile because the regime in place sought to eliminate all ‘opposants.’ On his political asylum abroad, Ntumazah adopted the name, Mbarack Ben Ibrahim which he went around with in the foreign passport he used. He stayed in Ghana, Guinea, Algeria and Britain, from where he gave testimonies on the liberation struggle that was taking place in Cameroon. Ntumazah made creative and pioneering efforts to strengthen friendship between Southern Cameroon and the Republic of Cameroon. He reported to the outside world about the building of Cameroon and the changes that were taking place in the lives of the Cameroonian people. Because all his writings and speeches were filled with communist rhetoric the rest of the world paid little or no attention to his ‘sermons…’ a sort of preaching in the wilderness. He lived in exile for 30 years, from 1962 to 1991.

Upon returning to Cameroon, he still jumped into the upc politics and flirted with comrades like Prince Dicka Akwa, Theodore Mayi Matip ma Ndombol, Federic Kodock, Hogbe Nlend, Wongly Massaga and others. After 30 years of painstaking and labour, and sustained by his unwavering resolve and meticulous approach, Ntumazah strove for more than individual goals.

In the place and time in which history placed him, he could think of nothing better and more meaningful than to have witnessed and linked himself with the independence and re-unification of Cameroon.

Ndeh Ntumazah died in the Saint Thomas’s hospital in London last January 21, 2010 at the age of 83.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our independence, we should not loose sight that the independence of our country was hard won by many worthy children of the land, through desperate struggles by contending forces who used all means and strategies they could. Ndeh Ntumazah is dead, but he lives on because his life stands out as a point of focus…


Hannah Abrams

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