UGANDA: The close LRA leader captured


The close LRA leader captured

The Ugandan army has captured Mickman Opuk who was close to LRA leader joseph Kony. Opuk is said to have participated in the Atiak massacre of 200 civilians. Opuk was captured two weeks ago when the military was chasing a rebel group. Since the Ugandan army moved into the Central Africa Republic on mission to track and capture the rebels, four other LRA junior commanders have been killed and 98 abductees rescued.

The army spoke person Kulayigve said Opuk will be kept in the field to assist the joint forces with information.  When Joseph Kony refused to sign the final peace agreement on Dec. 15, 2008, a joint military offensive was launched.  Codenamed Operation Lightning Thunder, the operation included both ground troops and jet-fighters wich attacked LRA bases in Garamba forest in eastern Congo.

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